You know it’s Monday when…

You’ll probably notice an absence of entries and comments and links in my blog at the moment. I had to uninstall wordpress due to a problem that came about because of expired domain names and proceeded to have several unsuccessful reinstalls. One of the earlier re-installs managed to save all of my old entries and comments, but something else went wrong with it and blah blah blah it’s all gone, I guess. Though the layout has returned, entries and comments refuse to show themselves and I am too annoyed to do anymore mucking about.

Through the grace of google I’ve managed to save Kristen’s guest-blog about women writers and I will re-post it in the future. It’s worth noting that when I changed my blog layout early last night I revisited old entries and can safely say that hers was the only one worth re-posting.

So. New beginnings are nice?

I have to go rebuild my blogroll now. Yeah.