your brain on autoharp

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Revisions are so… I need a word here. Dry? Revisions are so dry, people. Dry work. After the initial excitement of I-am-strengthening-my-book-I-am wears off all that is left is DRYNESS.

But I’m still plugging away.

That in itself is largely thanks to my novel-in-progress, which is keeping me from revision related eye stabbing. I am getting progressively more excited about it, minus an hour yesterday where I wondered if it was time to scrap everything and write to the Discovery Channel about giving me my own ghost hunting show (tentatively called Ghost Hunting with Courtney & Friends–who’s in?).

Anyway, I’m calling it CRAZY DEATH TOWN NOVEL to everyone who asks, even though it’s actual title is… not that, thank goodness. Superstitious, you know. I was actually almost too superstitious to share my superstitious title in my blog but I am getting seriously tired of typing ‘novel-in-progress’ and here we are. Anyway, I think CDT is finally the answer to all those times I tried to write a YA novel that was scary-ish but got tripped up by my lack of scary brain power (read: massive, unfixable plot holes). Sweet.

And it’s been really neat writing this one because my process has been kind of different. I haven’t been writing in chronological order so I keep alluding to things I’ll have to go back and write and it’s kind of neat because it’s saving me a little Sit Down and Outline time. That’s not to say I haven’t outlined–I have–but it means I’m creating an outline as I write, instead of writing an outline before I create. Hopefully that makes sense.

In other news, I finally figured out how to spend my Christmas money. I must admit it is an amazing feat that I have any Christmas money left to spend–the money! It burns! My pockets!–but check it out, people: if everything goes according to plan, by the end of the month, I will be the proud owner of…

An autoharp.


It has been the stringed instrument I have been searching for all of my days and I am so excited about potentially owning one I can’t even tell you. My only regret is that no one told me such a fine music making machine existed sooner.

My life autoharpless is and has been, incomplete.