in your face, goals!


Today I discovered googlereader and I. Am going to use it. Boo yeah. Okay, not discovered per se, because that sounds really sad. I’ve always known about it, I’m just way too happy with the bare minimum. Got my email? Check. Anything else is like sparkly feather boas. I understand the allure but I am too lazy to doll myself up with them. Or wait! Not lazy. Busy. Too busy.

Yeah, that’s it.

In any case, I predict my life will get about 5% easier thanks to googlereader, but that’s only a rough estimate.

So last night I sat at my laptop, rubbed my hands together and… didn’t write. And when I was done not writing, I rubbed my hands together and… watched Stephen Fry’s The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (which was very, very interesting). And then I rubbed my hands together and… decided to clean out my closet. And then I… rubbed my hands together and went to bed. And when I woke up today it was my Mom’s birthday so I didn’t even have time to rub my hands together even! And then, after the celebrations were over, I rubbed my hands together and… dusted and vacummed and cleaned my room some more, did a little decorating and organised my CDs. I had forgotten what the floor looked like without Archie books scattered all over it! It was a beautiful moment. I rubbed my hands together wept.

Anyways, I know when I’m licked so I’m giving up on this 10,000 Words in Three Days goal before I can officially fail at it. And I’m okay with that because I’ll be having cake on Wednesday. It really takes the edge off. Well, that and the tranquilizers. Just joking. Except about the cake. That was serious.

Has anyone heard of Teaser Tuesday? It is just like The Friday Five, except it occurs on Tuesday and there are no questions involved. You share slivers, teasers, if you will, of your work in progress. And the public enjoys them, I suppose. And wouldn’t you know it, it is officially Tuesday. How about that. So what I am proposing is that all of my writer friends with works in progress get on this train before I do and tell me if it’s fun, because that’s the way I roll. It’s kind of like shark-testing the ocean before swimming in it. Friends in first!