question of the day

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Why is George Stroumboulopoulos so cool? Was he born this way? Was it something that happened gradually over time? Like, one day he looked in the mirror and lo’ and behold, he was cool? Actually, that’s one of my many ‘The Origins of George Stroumboulopoulos’s Coolness’ theories, but I suspect it’s wrong. Only George Stroumboulopoulos himself could tell us why he is so cool and since he doesn’t actually read this blog, I guess I’ll have to sit here and continue to speculate. Hmmm. I bet if the opportunity arose where I could ask him the question of why he was so cool, George Stroumboulopoulos would actually downplay his coolness, thus only making him cooler. Oh, George. After having to spell your last name four times in one paragraph, I can see why people call you Strombo.

And that’s cool too.

PS: Watch The Hour people, for it is awesome.