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What Claudia Wore
(A look into the closet of Stoneybrook’s most fashion-forward babysitter)

Kim tackles Claudia’s outfits with hilarious commentary:

“Well, I guess after Dawn’s Big Date, Claud had to find a way to out-80’s New Dawn. Notice that she ripped off Dawn’s feather-earrings-in-the-same-ear style? Claudia is out for revenge. I can only picture her journal entries: ‘deer diare: its bad enouf that Stacey steels my thunder. now that damm hippy Dawn is doing it two!'”


A judge sues a drycleaners $54 million for his missing pants.

“Pearson also called himself as a witness, saying his problems began in May 2005 when he brought in several suits for alterations. A pair of pants from a blue and maroon suit was missing when he requested it two days later. He said Soo Chung tried to give him a pair of charcoal grey pants. As Pearson explained that those weren’t the pants for the suit, he choked up and left the courtroom crying after asking the judge for a break.”

I have no words.


I made lemonade today and then I DRANK IT ALL. It was that amazing. Okay, actually there is a little left but I am going to finish it off because of the aforementioned amazingness.