dear sens: win.


You can always tell when I’m between headers.

When I reach a certain point in writing a novel–and it’s always near the end–I have to fight every word from my fingertips. It is such a hassle I actually get to the point where typing things like, say, blog entries is just TOO MUCH EXTRA WRITING so I don’t, lest my head explode and I leave behind a novel that is two pages from being done. If that happened, I’d be the most frustrated ghost ever. I’d have to possess people to finish it for me!

While I was not not-blogging and having very nearly physical smackdowns with words, I moved my piano from one room to another and have joined an elite secret society of people who have moved pianos in their lifetimes. They are called The Piano Movers. The floor, sadly, did not make it out unscathed. And even after taking the proper precautions! We were victims of a wonky wheel, dammit. I also put in some yardwork (yech), but that’s not very exciting and I am sure you don’t want to hear about my adventures in weeding though there were MANY, one in particular including a tarantula and a near death experience.

Today my piano got tuned by our amazing, highly recommended piano tuner and it sounds lovely and that IS very exciting if you happen to enjoy playing tuned pianos, which I do. In sad news, my Nikon digital SLR is sick and I won’t be able to repair it any time soon. It’s something on the digital end and makes taking photographs an incredibly frustrating process and so I don’t. Way to impede on my creative process, D70.

And a novel was finished and edited! That is a definite plus. I have almost forgotten the pain involved in finishing it enough to start planning the next one.

Writing is so questionably cool that way.