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I wanted to segue into this real smooth-like somehow, but 20 minutes of staring at my laptop screen has proved it impossible, so I guess I’ll just have to come right out and say it:


I got ‘the call’ on the 14th, but I didn’t want to say anything until after I had the chance to quietly reflect on it and make sure I wasn’t actually in a coma. You know how that happens sometimes? You think you’ve won the lottery and in the end it turns out it was all a coma? I really hate when that happens. Also, I was hoping it would sink in by now but I’m starting to think it won’t. And that’s okay! I’m cool with living in a constant state of mild shock and disbelief because it’s not that far from the constant state of gentle befuddlement I lived in before.

It was a whirlwind. I sent the query on the 9th, got a request for the full on the 11th and on the 14th, received a startling and awesome email from the agent saying she loved the novel and wanted to discuss representation. Looking back, I think my brain snappage was almost immediate. In the last two years I’ve written a few novels and hoped they’d get me to this point, eventually ‘retired’ some of them–which was always necessary but painful each time–and now that I’ve gotten to this point, on some level, it just refuses to compute. On the inside, half of me is all, HEY IT HAPPENED and the other half is like YOU LIE, so the end result is me walking around looking all dubious on the outside (but the expression goes really well with my new accidental haircut, so).

It was an excellent phone call. She was super nice and enthusiastic about her job and great about all the questions I had–just excellent. Other agents were reviewing the manuscript, so I had to notify them before making a decision but when I hung up the phone, I knew this was the one I wanted to work with. I let her know shortly after, it got all officialised, and I am crazy-pleased to announce I’m now represented by Amy Tipton of The Peter Rubie Literary Agency! We’ve already begun the revision process and she’s been nice and cool and great and I’m really enjoying working with her. In fact, how I feel about it all is best summed up by this word: YAY. And these exclamation marks: !!!


When I started this novel at the end of March, after reading the first 3 1/2 pages, my awesome friend and newly appointed Psychic Advisor Lori–who read my last novels–said, “I think this is the one that will get you an agent.” And what’s more, she maintained this while I was busy maintaining a transparently jaded and cynical front to steel myself against the submission process. So I’m really glad I didn’t make a million dollar bet with her, but more importantly, I’m extremely grateful to be able to use that as one of MANY examples of the ways in which I was supported and encouraged through this process by family and friends, both online and off. I really want to thank everyone for it because it’s that support and encouragement that makes this that much more of an omg, I’m really lucky feeling than it already is. I’m so thankful for this turn of events and all you rockin’ folks who saw me through them. THANK YOU. YOU ARE MADE OF AWESOME.