courtneyteh internets, volcanoes

You guys are so great. And it is so hot out. Miserably hot. Earlier this evening, heat lightning was backlighting this monster cloud down the street and it was beautiful and terrifying.

Anyway. Once you get crazy excited about getting an autoharp in a public forum, you get pretty much comfortable in all levels of your geekiness. So I feel no shame in admitting that I’ve been spending a lot of down time watching tornado and volcano footage on youtube and National Geographic because NATURE IS AWESOME and don’t you dispute it.

In fact, I’ve made it my goal to see at least one (1) volcano and chase one (1) tornado in my lifetime. I’m actively trying to coerce family and friends into doing this with me because when it comes to any potential volcano or tornado tours, I want the group rate.

But until then, I must share the best comment exchange ever re: volcanoes. I came across it while watching lava footage on youtube–this footage!–and it cracked me up:

commenter one: God! volcanoes are dull, i think kicking a coke can around until it exploded would be more entertaining.
commenter two: tell that to the people of Pompeii!!

So I think I am just going to use that as a reply for everything now. OH YEAH? TELL THAT TO THE PEOPLE OF POMPEII!!