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I think I’ve done enough blog sprucing up that I don’t feel needlessly tortured by the way it looks every time I try to update, so that’s good. There is new content! If you click the ‘who?’ under the info section, you can find out more about who I am! And see my face! I can think of no better way for anyone to start off their week, which probably says much about me.

In other news, Death Cab for Cutie’s song Someday You Will Be Loved really annoys the frick out of me. I keep visualising that guy having an Intimate Moment with that gal and leaving that note that says “Someday you will be loved” in his wake. Uhm, nice. JERK. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can listen to that song without wanting to punch the dude Ben Gibbard’s pretending to be when he’s singing it.

I’ve been mapping out my next novel and trying to pique agent interest with the last, but I don’t like to go too in-depth about the process because I’m superstitious, so I’ll just leave you with an excerpt from an internet conversation I had with my sister instead. I think it perfectly illustrates how heavily the trials and tribulations of trying to get an agent and published/not being agented or published weigh on my mind:

me: i feel sorry for oprah
me: because i’m not published
me: she is missing the pinnacle selection
me: of her book club
her: Too true.
me: will no one think of her?