i am so tortured

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I finally found that minimalistic yet compelling wordpress theme that has been alluding me since the dawn of time. Veryplaintxt theme, my heart belongs to you. And so does my website.

Yeah, that’s right. New layout. But this one is for keeps.

(Ladies and gentlemen, place yer bets!)

So I went to the mall the other day, determined to spend some money. By ‘mall’ I mean the music and book stores, because all the others are boring minus the food court, which is tasty. There were no books to be had, so I went to Sam’s and got me some music instead. The buyer’s remorse took a while to fade–I hate being so involved in the exchanging of my money for goods! Internet shopping wins. It feels like nothing and arrives in the mail. Beautiful system.

On that note, I got my Pompeii DVD in the mail earlier this week and I LOVE it. I love volcanoes. They are such magnificent, wonderful things. I’ll have to write about them in some capacity eventually, because volcano survival stories are always in vogue as far as I am concerned. And if not a volcano survival novel, then a novel about teenagers living by a volcano where the volcano is actually a metaphor for coming-of-age that eventually manifests itself in a hot lava/pyroclastic flow pursuit.

I think we can all agree that is the best unwritten novel ever.

I can’t wait until Supervolcano gets here.

I’ve been re-starting (nggh) and contemplating my next novel. Muchly. It is difficult as it heavily involves something about the internet that will require some minimal explaining at most, but where to start? I have never written about the internet before, even though I love it. How much do I have to assume no one knows in this day and age? How do I not make what I have to say look like an infodump? How much more research can I pretend to do to keep from seeking out the answers to these questions and where will the volcanoes fit in?