The Discovery Channel store is practically giving their DVDs away, well some of them, so I am finally going to own Pompeii: The Last Day and Supervolcano.


I’m especially excited about Supervolcano because in the event that Yellowstone explodes, I’d like to know what to do. And because Michael Riley is SUPER HOT in it. Okay, especially because Michael Riley is super hot in it. LAVA hot, if you will.

Yeah, I went there.

And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Michael Riley should totally play Isaac Brock in the CBC mini-series of The War of 1812. Also, and perhaps most importantly, the CBC should make a mini-series of The War of 1812. Every day where a mini-series about The War of 1812 is not in pre-production with the CBC is a constant source of disappointment for me. Step up, CBC! And give me a ghost hunting show while you’re at it. The Discovery Channel has stopped returning my calls about this (but I am still happy to support them financially).

Related: the BBC’s Supervolcano site has this game where “as the newly appointed chief of Emergency Management Agency for Bluebear County, it’s your job to handle an eruption of the fictional Mount Spur” and it is awesome and addictive. So many people die on my volcano watch but whatevers, no one asked me if I had any credentials when I took the job. Also, it’s a game.

In other news, I have become more seriously invested in the writing of my next book. Which means it’s now four pages. Four pages about volcanoes. Okay, not really (well, it IS four pages), but I think now I might have to eventually write a YA novel where a volcano is either a) key to a character’s self discovery or B) mentioned in passing.

I’ll just sneak it in there like a testicle biscuit.