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Matthew Good is playing a concert that is not impossibly far from where I live! Dare I make him my first ever concert-going experience? To be continued…

So no one tell my sister but I’ve spent several nights being very sadface about her imminent departure. Tomorrow I’m going to latch onto her ankles and beg her to stay. My reasoning will be that her leaving threatens my emotional stability, which is obviously more important than her travelling around the world and doing awesome things. The logic, it is unfailing! I will let you all know how it goes but I don’t see how anyone, least of all my sister, could refuse my face. Especially now that my haircut looks more like something I did on purpose and less like something I did while I was sleepwalking.

I am still waiting for Supervolcano to arrive. And my passport. It’s all sisters and volcanoes and passports with me lately. And Super Mario Bros! I just killed Bowser good in Super Mario Bros. 3 and saved the Princess today! Add that to my list of fantastical accomplishments, please. Also, the Princess totally tried to pull a fast one on me. She was all, “I’m sorry, the princess is in another castle! Just joking! Ha ha! Goodbye!” Seriously! Not even a thank you. And I just realised I don’t know if I mentioned that I unearthed our old SNES and hooked it up to my TV so I could enjoy Mario’s World between writing? I don’t think I did. Probably because that’s really the kind of thing that makes you proud one day and ashamed the next.

In other news, writing keeps me busy and Awesome Agent Amy is awesome. I’m still dabbling in that new novel that has since gone from four pages to two–headdesk–and am going to attempt another crazy fast draft for August. Which is… now?!

Where is the summer going, I ask you.