note my new volcano cat


Supervolcano won’t be arriving until something like September. I’m Superpissed!

(Truthfully, I’m vaguely annoyed but that doesn’t sound quite as awesome.)

And it’s too bad too, because August seems like the perfect kind of month to watch a movie about the hypothetical explosion of Yellowstone Park.

September is less about that and more about apple pies.

I’m writing this entry while looking up Stratovolcanoes on Wikipedia.

Look at this! Why don’t I have that!!

Vesuvius Erupts!

I love volcanoes.

But who doesn’t, really, besides weirdos.

Actually, I’ve been trying to trace back my love of volcanoes. It’s been interesting. I think it must have started about 16 years ago, when I used to play that STAY OFF THE FLOOR IT’S MADE OF LAVA game with my friends. Clearly I respected, revered and feared volcanoes from an early age. Also that game was crazy awesome, admit it. Talk about breathing life into that soft living room carpet.

(I used to think that game was unique to my growing up but then I saw this and we all know that once aspects of your life have been lolcatted, well.)