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I’m tired and I’m getting sick. That aside, I’m really really happy!

But tired. Which might have something to do with posting this at 4 am, I do not really know. I’m just hazarding a guess there. It’s probably wrong.

It’s getting to be flannel pajama weather round these parts and flannel pjs, as we all know, are like wearing a bed to bed. What is not to love about that, I ask you. Bring on the falling leaves! And then the snow! And then bring back summer please.

So last week, I sent a letter to the editor of the local paper about the upcoming referendum, urging people to inform themselves and vote, and today it was right there on page two (and three!). Yay. It was pretty sexy as far as letters to the editors go and they’re generally REALLY sexy, so you can imagine how pleased I am about this. I signed it Courtney Canuck except not really, but you can all call me that from now on, if you want.

And I think you do.

… And that’s all I gots. Ah, blogs.