it’s under yellowstone.

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Supervolcano came earlier this week, but it’s been so hectic I didn’t get to watch it straight away (gasp!). That was tough, I tell you. Last night, I had an amazing internal battle about whether or not I should watch it on my laptop or… write on my laptop. And then I realised I could watch it on television as I wrote on my laptop! And then I congratulated myself for being a genius.

So I put it in my DVD player, wrote maybe two sentences and promptly got swept up in the sexy world of Michael Riley playing Rick Lieberman explaining what would happen if Yellowstone exploded. And then dealing with it when it did. It was 1 hour and 40-odd minutes of awesome.

Anyway, I think I need to meet a volcanologist so I can make them talk shop and ascertain whether or not volcano talk actually IS sexy or if it it’s all The Discovery Channel’s ~*magic*~. I will make a thesis out of it. I will call it Proposed Sexy Volcano Theory in the Noughties or some such. I bet if I met a volcanologist, they’d be all, “My God, I hate you Discovery Channel volcano docudrama watching people.” And I’d be like, “My God, you are as sexy as I imagined.” Because while The Discovery Channel is magic, I highly suspect they are working with the already existing sexiness of volcanoes and the people who study them.

Okay, back to watching Sexyvolcano again. I mean Supervolcano.

And of course, by that I totally mean writing.