what’s your zombie plan?


I have been prepping ever since I saw Night of the Living Dead. My zombie plan involves buying an RV and going as rural as I can get. After stocking up on canned goods and water and gas and mixed CDs and boardgames and ammo and such (it will be an insanely big RV!), I’ll drive a dirt road out to an incredibly secluded and yet scenic destination (a farmhouse or a cabin in the mountains or a cottage by a lake, etc) and fortify the hell out of it! I will wait out the zombie invasion while enjoying a beautiful view. I’ll live off the land. Assuming mankind cannot overcome the zombies, I’ll definitely not stay in one place too long. When my zombie sense starts tingling, I will flee in my RV. It will be like a perpetual road trip of survival! And my theme song will be the theme song from The Littlest Hobo, which I assume will help my morale because it’s so darn peppy.