happy b-day, lori!

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If you do anything at all while you’re internet visiting this site, check out the entry title by clicking the date! Yay!

I hunched over the table today and sketched out a volcano so I could change up the aesthetic of the blog a little and ta-da! Here we are. Besides the addition of a hand-drawn volcano, the bio section has been slightly modified and the novels section will tell you everything you already know about Cracked Up to Be. I realise novels is actually a false plural at the moment but that’s okay! I also realise the new picture in the bio section might give people the false impression I’m from Australia but that’s okay too!

I feel it all adds an element of mystery.

So this layout change might have you questioning what volcanoes have to do with writing for young adults. The answer is EVERYTHING, duh. I am very pleased my site now reflects this. And before any know-it-alls email me about this: the volcano above IS an accurate depiction of an active volcano. It’s a widely known fact they spew lava and hearts, so there. If you’ve never seen this phenomenon, you’re probably not cool enough. Sorry to say.

sdfkljsdf, I want to watch Supervolcano so bad right now.

In other, more important news, as C.K. Kelly Martin pointed out, yesterday was International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Check out her thoughtful blog entry about it for some sobering statistics on and resources for this issue.

In other, less important news, I guess I am a big huge fan of Tegan & Sara now. It really is the most surprising personal musical development of the year.