no books for you!

courtneycracked up to be, fyi

I know I have been quiet on both the blogging and commenting front. It’s because I’ve been writing and stuff. I got editorial notes from my rockstar editor earlier in the week and while I was jotting down bits here and there, a little voice in the back of my head was going, “Remember this feeling! Remember it! This is the first time you’ve ever done this and you have to remember it!

It was very surreal. And very cool.

Cracked Up to Be will be coming out early ’09! My sister and I promptly had an exchange about it that went kinda like this:

me: my book is coming out early ’09!
her: yay!
me: yay!
me: so start saving up to buy it now.
her: what do you mean ‘save up?’
her: I don’t get a free signed first edition?

I’ve been thinking of maybe giving her one when the time comes, but only if she lets me count it as her Christmas, birthday and wedding anniversary present. Which I think would only be fair.