movie making

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Over the weekend, I discovered Windows Movie Maker and attempted a book trailer for Cracked Up to Be. It was surprisingly easy and I am surprisingly happy with my first ever book trailer making effort! Except 2007 is a little too early to be all up in people’s youtubes about my novel, so I can’t show it to you. But just so you aren’t disappointed, you can comfort yourself by imagining bits of your favourite movies and pretending they’re my book trailer. Especially if your favourite movie is Jurassic Park Titanic Pride & Prejudice Ghostbusters because that is pretty much my book trailer in nutshell. It had a budget of $52 billion.

After I tried my hand at book trailering, I made a movie about my mom, which was truly a work of unappreciated genius. And then I made some art house stuff and got to complain about people not understanding the greater symbolism in my work like, hello that door is actually an elephant, what about this do you not understand?!1

I do not know how my weekend could have been more productive, nor do I want to know.

Now I’m contemplating a social commentary movie about how cute the pets in this house are!