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I’ve told very few people in person about Cracked Up to Be selling. It’s just turned out that way, mostly because I am a hermit writer. But it’s okay, see, because my parents have picked up my slack (they are sweet). Better still, apparently the people my parents are telling are picking up my slack as well! We found this out because not that long ago my mother received a phone call from the man who runs the local heritage centre inquiring about the sale and none of us had told him. He is a very nice guy who does an enormous amount of hard work to preserve town history and has known me since I was small. This week, I was alerted to his column in our local paper where I found some congratulations about it! It was a surprise and it made me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

And it was a strange feeling to see it as well–definitely a good strange, though. Maybe one day I’ll actually be able to 100% believe that I have a book coming out to sign but I kind of hope I never do because there’s something fun about running around in a perpetual state of shock. I think it’s helping me perfect my look for when the zombies finally attack. I mean, obviously I won’t REALLY be shocked in the case of the zombie apocalypse (I called it ages ago, people), but I’d want to look like I did so I could blend in with the rest of the crowd for survival purposes.

Meanwhile, I am steadily working on novel 2, which has no name, so I am giving it a placeholder title and that placeholder title is YOUR MOM. So when people are like, “What are you working on now, Courtney?” I can just be like, “YOUR MOM!” back at them.


ADMIT IT. That’s so awesome you wish you thought of it first.