the oscars as a form of self-discipline

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God, I love Trailer Park Boys. That was an amazing weekend. Did you know that Ellen Page, of Juno fame, was in Trailer Park Boys? No? That she played Mr. Lahey’s daughter? No? Well, you do now. Did you know that at 4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon, I vowed I would not watch the Oscars because it was an extravagant waste of money that could feed a bunch of starving people and four hours later I was watching the Oscars?

I hate myself sometimes. Just a little.

BUT! I am working on Your Mom and I’m happy. I has ideas about it. Ideas I am exciteds to implements. I wish I could write as fast as my brain thought novels, though. If I could figure out how to do that, I would be amazingly productive. I have this problem where my brain gets 6,000 miles ahead of me when I am exciteds. It’s all like, “Hey, hey, hey! Hurry up, because when you get to point Y, you can do Z!” And I’m all like, “Brain, chill! I am on point B right now.” And then my brain is like, “I hate you sometimes, you slow-ass writer. You suck for not being able to write as fast as I can conceptualize.” And then I was like, “You can’t talk to me like that, brain. Just for that, we’re watching the Oscars!” And my brain was like, “Noooo.”

True story.