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Jonathan Penner’s myspace people left a ‘thanks for the add’ on my myspace, so I’m pretty sure that makes us BFFs because I am pretty sure that’s how myspace works. Myspace is a BFF machine. I now have so many BFFs, you guys, that I am fastly becoming the person Roy Orbison is singing about in the song Not Alone Anymore.

Anyway. When I was doing last minute edits on Cracked Up to Be over the weekend, I found all these little typos that escaped my notice and I killed them and I was pleased. Earlier today, I was going through the manuscript just because and found sixty million new ones and HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN, I ask you.

The latest entry on What Claudia Wore made me laugh and laugh and laugh. You should probably read it because I am not going to make you laugh and laugh and laugh today. At least not in comparison to that entry, which is hilarious.

I am watching Trailer Park Boys, the 1998 TV movie that launched the series, for the second time in two days. On youtube. 1998! 2008! Ten years! I have been watching it for so long. And then one of the youtube comments said that the eighth season would be the last and wikipedia confirmed it and I was like Noooo and I have basically been walking around with a heavy heart ever since. I feel so empty inside. Trailer Park Boys was not supposed to end before I could guest-star on it as Ricky’s long lost daugher.


It was right under ‘see Pompeii’ too.


Thanks a lot, Showcase.