patrick’s super socks

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This book is super cute, people. I was lucky enough to win it when Thomas (the author!) held a haiku contest in his blog, and by lucky, I do mean lucky, because the competition was FIERCE. I threw ‘yo’ into my entry just to meet the syllable count (and I was totally caught!), so I thought that would push me out of the running for sure.

Patrick’s Super Socks is about about a dude named Patrick, who has to wear his Super Socks to bed or else these evil creepies will EAT HIS TOES. When I was little, I used to be afraid creepies would eat my toes and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one so already this book has a universal appeal. This is a really fun story for everyone and the drawings and text are a total delight. It would not be out of place on your bookshelf, even if you know no young readers. Older readers can totally use this book to nostalgia about that TOE EATING FEAR we all had when we were young. Since I’m turning another year older in ten days, I do welcome the opportunity to be reminded that I wasn’t always this decrepit.

Patrick’s Super Socks = rock.

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