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01. Copyedits for Cracked Up to Be are on their way! I’m looking forward to it but also I’m terrified. I have this irrational fear of copyedits because they seem so concise and mechanical and I don’t brush my hair if I can get away with it and wear Winnie the Pooh pajama pants outside and stuff so that’s probably a good indication of… something. I just basically feel like copyedits are the MATH of the publishing process. Math also terrified me. Once, in eighth grade, my teacher called on me to do a problem at my desk and I just couldn’t take it and I started freaking out and I was like, “I don’t know I can’t do it you can’t make me do it aaah!” It might even have been tearful. ANYWAY, my teacher was like, “Okay! Never mind! Next person!” And then I was like, “… Why didn’t I do that sooner?!” And then years later I looked it up and there IS such a thing as Mathematical Anxiety! The vindication! I can’t even tell you.

02. But for some reason I have become this huge Sudoku nut in the last few weeks, even though it has numbers in it. I’ve completed two (TWO!) puzzles… without cheating! This is huge, people! Even if the skill level was easy. I tried a medium puzzle tonight but it got difficult so I quit because those are the kind of principles I have. Also, Survivor was on.

03. Oh, Survivor. What a season. Jeff Probst wore shorts tonight! Has he ever worn shorts on Survivor before? And I swear they had stripes. I should be ashamed for noticing but I don’t think it’s every day Jeff Probsts wears shorts on television. Or maybe it is. Who knows. NICE LEGS, PROBST!

04. courtneysummers.ca is in the process of being redesigned by some talented guys who know their stuff (read: they are WordPress Masters). Now, yer not going to wake up and see a new site tomorrow or anything but I’m just giving you a head’s up so you can adjust your anticipation levels accordingly (tip: set them to high.).