blurbs for cracked up to be!

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I have blurbs for Cracked Up to Be!

I’ve had blurbs for Cracked Up to Be!


I have been sitting on them for a few months. I am amazed I didn’t explode. It’s hard to wrap my head around blurbs. It’s completely and totally surreal when authors you have such, SUCH great respect and admiration for take the time to read your book and then–and then!–put their names to such extraordinarily kind words about it…

It’s hard to quantify it. I honestly don’t know what to say. This is another first on this road, and it was totally thrilling and I’m grateful. And GOBSMACKED. I’m also very gobsmacked. The time between receiving the blurbs and being able to share them has not lessened my gobsmackedness in the slightest. I am so gobsmacked that I don’t even really know how to segue into the blurbs properly, so I will stop babbling now. Here they are:

“Courtney Summers is a writer who pulls no punches and Parker Fadley is a character you won’t forget. Together, they create a novel that will keep you on edge, turning the pages long into the night.”
K.L. Going, author of Saint Iggy

“Told in beautifully rendered, spare, haunting prose, CRACKED UP TO BE provides an unflinching look at high school, its social hierarchies, one girl’s quest for perfection, and the devastating consequences. Courtney Summers has written a remarkable debut. I thought about this one long after I’d reached the end.”
Alyson Noel, author of Saving Zoe

“Courtney Summers’s page-turning debut is the emotionally complex tale of Parker Fadley’s troubled senior year. Summers expertly navigates the dangerous waters of high school, leading her readers on until she reveals the grim secret that led her troubled heroine to the brink of suicide. Fans of Lois Duncan and Christopher Pike will appreciate this dark tale.”
–Martha O’Connor, author of Bitch Posse

“Parker Fadley is a girl you know – maybe even the girl you are. CRACKED UP TO BE gives you Parker, her world, her friends, straight up and no chaser. You won’t forget her.”
Kathe Koja, author of Kissing The Bee

After blurbs like that, I know I have no right to ask for anything from anyone, but I can’t resist this one little request: