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I do not even want to tell you about how many spiders that have attacked me since I last wrote. Twice in the shower!

That’s all I will say.

So as you all know, the abandoned draft of Your Mom was pretty much written to pinnacle songs from the nineties. I’ve decided the music is the reason why it failed and fell apart because it certainly couldn’t have been anything I did. So far the new draft has been written to one Nada Surf song, a bunch of Radiohead tunes and most recently, Brad Sucks. Oh, and there were five minutes last night when it was written to like, six Backstreet Boy songs back to back because sometimes I Want it That Way.

Anyway, if it turns out I have to abandon this draft too, I want you all to point me to this entry so I can pass the buck and write angry letters to musicians that are along the lines of Dear Radiohead, YOU RUINED MY NOVEL.

Here is a piece of semi-related Courtney Trivia. You know that BSB music video, As Long As You Love Me? With the chair dance? I COULD DO THE CHAIR DANCE. My friends learned it and then taught it to me. I was fantastic at it. Better than the BSB. It was my claim to fame within my circle of friends and family. Also my whole town. EVERYONE wanted the chair dance! I was in total demand. It was exhausting but I could not let the people down and eventually, just like the Spice Girls, I bowed out with grace. The last time I ever did the chair dance was when I had to give a speech at my sister’s wedding and I was like, “I don’t have words, Meg. Just THIS,” and I grabbed a metal chair and danced with it and Meg was like, “THAT’S NOT THE BSB CHAIR DANCE! YOU’RE JUST SLOW DANCING WITH A METAL CHAIR!” because by then it was a few years later and I had actually forgotten the BSB choreography but I didn’t care because it was HER day so I slow danced out of the reception hall with the chair and got into the JUST MARRIED car and drove away.

Remember that Meggy? Remember when I ruined your wedding?

Good times, good times.