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There are just so many problems with the Richie Rich comics, I don’t know where to being. He has no concept of his wealth, for starters. That’s how sheltered he is. Secondly, he makes kites out of his surplus of 20 dollar bills. Jerk. Gloria, who supposedly hates and is unimpressed with wealth and all things showy, is constantly awed by his money and never corrects his ignorance and also wants to date him (I suspect underneath that wide-eyed exterior is a gold-digger). He has full scale playhouses built for him, some of which he forgets he has, while millions of people in Richville are homeless. He has scientists at his disposal who could probably cure rabies, and yet he commissions them to make Bad Weather Devices and other fun, but useless, gizmos. It is usually portrayed as a crime when desperate, poor, rough-and-tumble criminals attempt to steal a few gold bricks that are generally a drop in the ocean of the Rich’s vast and neverending wealth, and yet it is not a crime that Richie Rich is so rich in the first place. How does Richie Rich sleep at night?