The funeral was yesterday and it was really beautiful. So many people came and said the same kind things, after sharing their disbelief–no one believed it–and it’s comforting to know that my grandfather was so much a part of this town, and the memories he leaves behind are good ones. I gave the eulogy–I couldn’t tell you how I did it, but three and a half pages later, I was back in my seat and it had been read.

I was very close to my grandfather. I don’t know how it’s going to work without him.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send their sympathy, condolences, thoughts, good wishes and prayers. My family and I appreciate them. I’m trying to get back to each one, but it’s a little slow-going. Just please know that it helped.

Meanwhile, I’m going try to kick back into the old routine in the coming week as best as I can, but for this weekend, mostly I’m going to relax and try not to melt. Jeeze, it’s hot.