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Thanks guys, for taking the time to give yer .02 on the photos here and the LJ feed*. The winner is I don’t know. But I will let you know!

… Or will I?

Of course I will.

In other news: Cracked Up to Be is on amazon.

I discovered this by typing ‘cracked up to be’ in the amazon search bar like I’ve done every night for the past six months (what) because I knew it had to show up one of these days and then BAM IT DID and it was totally surreal. I wish I’d relished the moment when I saw the search results pop up (!!!), but mostly all I did was blink and jump out of my chair and since it was really early in the morning, I couldn’t freak out at anyone so I emailed my editor and asked if that was really me and then I rushed downstairs for reasons I still can’t figure out and then I was like, “Aah!” And then I tripped over the shoe tray and ran into the wall.


I’m sure when I’m holding my book in my hands for the first time in my life I will flail myself into an accident-related coma.

And! AND! Look at that date! December 23, 2008! And that’s not a mistake! I asked my editor and she said it wasn’t!


Places you can pre-order Cracked Up to Be that I am aware of so far:

Mwahahaha. Check out that $9.95 price tag on, oh yeah.

“Now, Courtney,” you might find yourself saying, “why should I buy your book when I can buy penny candy?”

This is a valid question and I am prepared to answer it. Yes, you can buy lots of penny candy with $9.95 and only one copy of my book, this is true, but my book is probably better for you and you won’t hate yourself after you read it and on the off chance you do, it’s not like it ceases to be useful after you’ve reached the last page. Can you level furniture with penny candy? Can penny candy hug and kiss you at night? I think not.

So pre-order my edgy desk leveler today! Unless you’re one of those weirdos that need a product description before you buy stuff (weirdo!). Then give it a couple of months and then pre-order it!


PS: Dear everyone who made this moment possible:


* I can’t respond to comments on the LJ feed, but I appreciate them!