my book cover let me show u it

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My lovely editor sent me an email that included the line, “feel free to put the cover up on your website if you’d like,” and I was like, “if I’d like?!” And then I was like, “!!!” and then I was like, “[replies to editor email],” and then I was like, “[resizes images in The Gimp].”

Getting the cover has been a bittersweet experience. It landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, and it was definitely the heart-stopping moment that a couple of my friends promised me it would be. My head did, indeed, pop when I saw it.

I had two emails in my inbox that day. One said ‘cover’ in the subject line and the other one was about the CS website redesign. I opened the website email first because I was so scared of what was waiting for me in that other email. Then… after a while, I took a deep breath, checked out the cover email and squealed my face off. I sent my editor several !!! emails, each one saying something new I liked about the cover because I couldn’t get my thoughts together enough to tell her all in one go. I don’t think my lovely editor even batted an eye when she got uhm… like, seven emails from me in her inbox the next day (because she ROCKS and also that probably isn’t the first time I’ve done that to her).

Then I showed EVERYONE that I could at the time, including my grandfather, who thought it was just really, really cool. I can still see his face seeing it. Eleven hours later, he was taken to the hospital. So basically every time I look at my cover, my brain does this direct-connect thing: at least he got to see it which turns into I wish etc.

The timing was lucky.

But it’s bittersweet.

[cover removed]

So that’s my cover.

I. Love. It.

Reasons why:

The font, which is sexy and full of attitude LIKE ME
GREEN (!!!)
No face (dear headlessness trend: ignore the haters, stay forever BECAUSE I HEART YOU.)
The pose (it goes perfectly with a scene from my book!! Aaah!)
The Catholic school uniform (!!!)

Actually the freakiest thing ever might be the uniform. It looks pretty close to the Catholic school uniform I wore about five hundred years ago. I would be surprised my cover hasn’t given me flashbacks of that horrible time but to be honest, I’ve mentally blacked them out pretty good. Like sometimes people are like, “Remember when you were in school?” And I’m just like, “I was in school?”

So that is my cover and I hope you dig it cause I super dig it and basically all my book has to do now is come out.

I can’t believe I just typed that.


(PS: I chose Brick Wall Face–thanks for all yer help in decided, guys. Your compelling arguments for each photo did not make it an easy choice which is good because I needed to weigh every angle. <3) (PPS: I've been eating popcorn and watching my sales rank steadily decline ever since my mom ordered two copies of my book. I tried to convince her she needs one copy for every room of the house and she said no because she doesn't love me. So now I am writing a new book called MY MOM instead of YOUR MOM, with the subtitle IS MEAN.)