So I ordered a Flip Video, which I guess means I’ll be joining the ranks of the vlogging soon (like twitter, I blame this on the lovely Daisy Whitney). I’m excited about it even though I’ve decided I don’t really want to talk to the camera that much, discuss writing or show my face at all. Doomed for failure, that’s me! But I’m totally gonna fail awesomely because THAT’S HOW I ROLL.

I think Joanna Bourne’s first sale story on Dear Author is my absolute most favourite yet. You should read it.

In other news, I’m completely addicted to Duffy’s Rockferry thanks to Kim (of the scathingly hilarious, unimitable What Claudia Wore). It’s incredible. It’s so driven and sexy and take-back-that-broken-heart empowering! I’m going to write tons to it, I can tell. My only complaint is that Duffy does not have fulls songs on her myspace which means I cannot make them my profile song. Lame! Also she hasn’t friended me back on myspace. Neither has Carla Bruni. Thnx a lot, people I buy music of’s myspaces. You hurt me.

Also, when I bought Rockferry, Britney Spears’s Blackout LEAPED OFF THE SHELVES AND INTO MY HANDS and I am not one to fight fate or musical genius so I got that too. I could devote an entire paragraph to how AMAZING Blackout is but you’d all just think I was being sarcastic. It is Brit’s most personal yet and I heart it. It makes me sad her personal life totally overshadowed its sweet poppy dancey goodness. My only complaint is the cover. I know you can look sexier than that, Brit-brit. Call me! I photograph peoples on the side.

Speaking of music, I mentioned this in twitter but the link doesn’t work and I can’t edit it (lame!), Brad Sucks’s newest album Out of It is available for pre-order, so you should probably do that (you can pick the price and everything–$5 minimum for CDs, and your purchase includes the MP3s and the lossless FLAC format, what a steal!). I’ve yet to meet a Brad Sucks song I don’t like so I’m pretty excited for September where I can meet more and like them too. If you are leery of pre-ordering music you have never heard before (weirdo), his first album is available for FREE download or purchase. Start with Look and Feel Years Younger, Fixing My Brain, Bad Attraction, Dirtbag and Time to Take Out the Trash (my fav).

Eee, I love music.

My sister and her husband are flying in from China soon and I am SUPER EXCITED because I haven’t seen them in a year. They are in the air right now! They could call at any moment and say PICK US UP FROM THE AIRPORT and we’d have to DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT!

So I guess I should try to make a dent in all the emails I owe people now.

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11 Responses to tunes

  1. I gladly accept the blame!

  2. courtney says:

    I knew you would!!! :D

  3. Emily says:

    You will make THE coolest vlogs with your Flip Video (I looked into my magic 8 ball – it said so). Don’t worry, you’ll do great as long as you stand in front of a red brick wall!!

    BTW, I <3 this angsty-looking green square guy.

  4. Lori says:

    I hope you are having a happy reunion with your sister! You know what’s funny? Your sister is coming home from China and my brother left today for a week in England. Granted, he left from Illinois, not Florida, but still. Why do our siblings get to do transcontinental traveling and we do not? BEING THE YOUNGEST IS SO TOUGH.

  5. courtney says:

    Emily: I REALLY hope your magic 8 ball is right! *nervous*
    And hee, angsty-looking green guy <3s you too.
    If you ever want to change it, so the image of your choosing replaces it, you have to go to (as a head’s up).

    Lori: SHE HATES SKITTLES AND DUFFY I THINK SHE SHOULD GO BACK TO CHINA, Y? And awww! I hope your bro has a good time in England but also, bb, we need to look into the lack of transcontinental traveling options for the youngest. WE ARE SO HARD DONE BY.

  6. Daisy says:

    I kinda feel like a dork now…so I click on the link for Booksense on your site to support your local indie bookstore, which I totally believe in doing, but it doesn’t link me to Book Passage in Corte Madera…so I decide to just call the store and pre order and of course the bookseller — albeit kindly — laughs at me for trying to pre-order a book SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE!!! I guess I’ll remember though to buy your book!

  7. courtney says:

    Don’t feel like a dork!!



    Also maybe your bookseller will be like, “Hmm. We should get this book if people are asking about it SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE!!!!!”



    Daisy, your comment made my LIFE!!!!

  8. ula says:

    I was just debating purchasing one of those Flip things! But I played Rock Band last night at a friends house and ROCKED IT SO HARD (I sang!) and now I want that, and I cannot have both. Unfortunately :( I hope you have a great time with your sister, even if she doesn’t like skittles or Duffy! :)

  9. courtney says:

    THAT WOULD BE SUCH A TOUGH CALL. So I don’t blame you for going with Rock Band. I mean either would be awesome, so you can’t lose out. And I am, thank you. :) (What a weirdo she is! Who doesn’t like either, seriously!)

  10. A says:

    No shame. No shame whatsoever.