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I attempted to finish a book this weekend. Now I am attempting to finish a book this week. I have been chronicling my writing progress on twitter (at all times, you can trust that I am somewhere on the internet). Here are some of the highlights:

courtney_s wow, this book is 156 pgs and 36k words! wow, it’s june 22. wow, i thought it’d be done by now. so wow, that pisses me off. >:
09:49 PM June 22, 2008

courtney_s gonna try to write a HUGE chunk of Your Mom tonight. failure update pending.
11:06 PM June 28, 2008

courtney_s Failure levels: 85-90%
06:28 AM June 29, 2008

courtney_s writing on the porch in the rain plugged into passing afternoon by iron & wine. nice. attempting finishing this novel non-chronologically.
02:13 PM June 29, 2008

courtney_s somebody get me out from under this book. my back hurts.
11:22 PM June 29, 2008

courtney_s may this be the weekend that i did not brush my hair, but finished a book.
04:34 PM July 04, 2008

courtney_s what if i never finish this book angst
about 14 hours ago

This blog is going into radio silence until next Sunday night because I HAVE TO FINISH THIS BOOK. I want it DONE. But because I am locked into five billion social networking sites, I am unable to silence myself entirely, so if you want to follow my progress, I’m sure I’ll be twittering about it every step of the way. Mostly because I guess I am still in the honeymoon twitter phase (120 updates since early June! I must be the most annoying twitterer ever!). Anyways. I’ll be getting back to emails and doing my best to keep up with you wonderful lot but for the most part, I’ll be getting MY FACE EATEN BY A NOVEL, IF I DON’T EAT ITS FACE FIRST.