happiness is clothed piano polishing

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I’m happy! Why, you ask?

Well, first these books came in the mail:

Danette Haworth’s fantastic and sweet middle-grade debut, Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning, which I’ve already read and love loved LOVED, C.K. Kelly Martin’s much anticipated–and for good reason–debut, I Know It’s Over (I’m about halfway in and there’s some absolutely incredible voice going on in these pages, WOW), and Felicia Sullivan’s stops-your-breath, gut-wrenching memoir The Sky Isn’t Visible from Here, which I’m also about halfway through (and the writing is sucker-punch amazing).

The temptation to start a Book & Ghosting Hunting Club is HUGE, let me tell you.

Anyway, even better: all three of these very talented women have agreed to interviews on this here blog. I’m so excited about it I can’t even tell you. Just put on your anticipation hats, please. It’s going to be so hard to ask them questions that do not have the words ‘bb,’ ‘zombies,’ and ‘volcanoes’ in them (professionalism? What is this?), but I shall try my best.

So that made me happy x 2, and THEN my piano got tuned, which made me even happier, since it’s been about a year and I love my piano. My big resolution is to master this song:

(I really love the score, but The Piano is not my most favourite movie in the world, to be honest. I was at a very impressionable age when I saw it and nobody warned me Harvey Keitel would appear naked in it, rubbing down a piano with the clothes he should have been wearing.


And it’s not that it Harvey Keitel was naked, it’s I just don’t think pianos are for naked polishing sessions PERIOD, is all. Maybe floors and POSSIBLY guitars, but NEVER pianos. So if you have been considering inviting me over to your naked piano polishing party maybe you’d better just forget about it, fyi.)

Speaking of music but never again of naked piano polishing, Brad Sucks’s new CD came in the mail and it’s great, so between all the books and music, basically my mail situation has been MADE OF WIN this week. What about it could leave me UNhappy?


And THEN, I talked to my publicist from St. Martin’s Press on the phone for the first time ever on Wednesday and that was all kinds of awesome. Now I like to casually tell people that I have a publicist when they least suspect it and when it is not relevant to our conversations at all because unlike all the other times I would do that, now when I do, it’s the TRUTH. Even though I still can’t really believe it’s true.

And that made me happy too.

And thus concludes this blog entry.