the cracked up to be book trailer!

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Wow, my timing is either really horrible or really awesome. I can’t decide! I’ve been wanting to write about book trailers forever, so I wrote last night’s entry thinking, I’ll just do it because who KNOWS when I will be able to share the book trailer for Cracked Up to Be and then my editor emailed me today and was like, “Hey, you can put the Cracked Up to Be trailer on YouTube!”

I just chuckled and shook my head.

So me and this trailer have been through a lot together. It is like the boyfriend I kept telling you I had and assured you was really awesome and sexy for so long but refused to let you meet so you probably started doubting its existence like, SURE you have this awesome and sexy boyfriend Courtney… in your HEAD!, and then it accidentally leaked on Janet Reid’s blog and a bunch of people saw it before it was taken down, which was pretty freaking cool, as it put me in this elite club of people who can say their book trailers have leaked (it is also something I have in common with musicians–in fact, I’m pretty sure that MAKES me a musician in a way, which is good because that’s how I advertise myself: COURTNEY SUMMERS, AUTHOR/MUSICIAN).

Anyway, I should just stop segueing and show you, right? Here it is! My sexy book trailer!


(Youtube totally truncated my sexy fade out, though. Boo.)

A little bit about the trailer: I made it on Windows Movie Maker (came with my computer), and taught myself the ropes through trial and error (the final version was NOT my first attempt at a book trailer). The hand-drawn elements, the hangman, the broken heart and the failing grade, were done by me and my mom and scanned onto the computer. Ta-da!

My talented and wonderful friends, Veronique Moisan of Veronique Moisan Photography (if you’re in the Montreal area and need a photographer, look no further than Vero) and Kimberly Hutt of What Claudia Wore (if you don’t know the snarky deliciousness of What Claudia Wore yet, you must live under a rock) let me use their incredible photographs for the trailer, with the exception of the school washroom photo, which is mine.

The fantastic music is by Brad Sucks, with his permission. It’s the instrumental version of Look and Feel Years Younger, from his album I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, which I own and is great, if you’re into excellent music. For those of you who don’t know what Brad Sucks is about, check out his website and his wikipedia page. As we all know, music plays no small part in the moving pictures industry (there is no other reason I cried at that AT&T commercial back in the day, ok) and Brad Sucks is the reason the CUTB trailer literally rocks (PS, his new album, Out of It, is available for pre-order now!).

Making the trailer for Cracked Up to Be was a painless and relatively easy experience. With built-in video editing software on like, all computers and the internet at your fingertips and Creative Commons licensing all over various forms of media (photographs and music–essential book trailer stuff), I seriously can’t think of ONE reason why an author wouldn’t attempt to reach people in this way. Cost doesn’t have to be an issue–you don’t need to hire someone to do it–and being a technophobe is NOT a good enough excuse, sry2say (my pet DEGUS can use Windows Movie Maker).

Does a good book trailer translate into sales? Who knows, but at the end of the day, I’d have rather tried it than not. And at the end of the day, if I enjoyed making it and you enjoyed watching it, that’s what counts.

And I hope you enjoyed watching it.

Thanks again to Vero and Kim for use of their photos, Brad for use of his tunes and my mommy for drawing the broken heart on the post-it. Without you guys, Tyra would have laughed this book trailer off the runaway, but instead, Tyra thinks it’s ~*fierce*~.

She told me so.