exemption by forwarding

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Head’s up, peoples: I’m excited to report that I’ll be guest-blogging over at FinePrint agent Colleen Lindsay’s blog, The Swivet! Here is my introduction and here is my first guest-blog, which is about how I got my agent. I’ll be talking shop–about writing YA and getting published–so check it out!

(Can I just say I feel kind of funny telling people to check out The Swivet, though, because I’m pretty sure the entire internet already has that covered because it is so awesome.)

Also head’s up, peoples: the fab Little Willow wrote the most wonderful entry about Banned Books. I love it when a blog entry makes you nod your head from the first word to the last and then the last word actually makes you do that whole fist-pumping thing where you are like YES THAT’S HOW IT IS and then everyone looks at you funny and then you show them your computer and they read the blog entry and then they do the EXACT SAME THING. Because also it is like, “I told you so,” and I love telling people so.

In other news, I spent all weekend watching J-Horror. And uhm, writing. Do you know you miss A LOT of movie when you cover your eyes?! One Missed Call keeps scaring me in new and different ways each time I watch it. And then I also watched One Missed Call: Final, which… actually–the concept was REALLY COOL, but the execution was only sort of okay (it had it’s moments).

In One Missed Call: Final, these awful teenagers bully this girl to the point she hangs herself (but survives) and then the girl starts sending the death call to her classmates as revenge, BUT–unlike the other movies–if you forward the call, you’re exempt from being killed by the scary ghost-girl responsible for them, Mimiko (who really likes killing people in the most horrific ways possible, just fyi). And the person the call is forwarded to does not get the opportunity to forward it themselves. So basically you have all your teenage friends who want you to die–and would help make that happen–rather than have you forward the call to them and this really scary ghost girl that is going to kill you if you don’t.

How mind-blowing is that concept?! It’s like phone Survivor WITH PHONE DEATH.


Because my question to you, my bbs, is:

~*Would you forward the call?*~

I can’t think of a way to answer this question without looking bad. Because I am pretty sure my answer would be yes. I am trying to think of a loophole though, like maybe I would be going to school with Edward Cullen and he is immortal right, so he could take the call for me and not die? I think he would sacrifice himself for me, too, because I’ll have stolen him from Bella by that point. And then there would be a spectacular GHOST VS. VAMPIRE FACE-OFF in a wrasslin’ ring and I would charge people to see it and stuff. Which is how I would make my millions.


Except maybe Edward. That Mimiko is terrifyingly fierce. But then Edward does sparkle.

idk. Too close to call, probably.

If you feel uncomfortable answering a question about possibly sentencing someone to death, then answer this one (I am so ~*curious*~ tonight!):