return of the living cover and trailer!

courtneycracked up to be, omg

Some things don’t need too much of a segue. That said, presenting the new cover for Cracked Up to Be….

You guys, I thought I’d have a hard time letting go of the old cover–but as soon as I saw this one? It was not so hard as I thought. And you guys know how much I loved the old one (A LOT). But this cover is like the old cover on STEROIDS! But good steroids! Not the kind that, you know. Kill you. Or get medals taken away from athletes and stuff. STEROIDS THAT MAKE YOU HOT WITH NO ILL SIDE EFFECTS. I LOVE IT! Thank you, St. Martin’s Press. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but. ~*RPATTZ*~ has got nothing on this cover.

Although you know what would be hot. If me, RPATTZ and my new book cover were in the same room together. Oh yeah.

*fans self*


AND! That’s not all. Because the cover can go back up… yes, that means… SO CAN THE TRAILER, which apparently not everyone saw in the two days it was on the internets. This time it’s here to stay, people! I promise! But enough of my rambling! Without further ado…

You will notice some VERY minor corrections to the trailer. The cover image being one of them. The other is that it now says COMING JANUARY 2009. This is because apparently any book that comes out after a certain point in December is a January 2009 release. Which means if you get my book in December, YOU WILL BE HOLDING A BOOK FROM THE FUTURE.


And if that is not incentive for people to buy it, I honestly don’t know what is.

Thanks for seeing me through this part of a very crazy and awesome ride, people. I hope you dig the new cover and improved trailer as much as I do.