a good little guy

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It’s a hard thing to lose a pet. Yesterday, Runny, our eldest degu, passed away. He was almost six years old. In those six years, that small little guy became a big part of our family. We’ve been looking after him for 24/7 these last two weeks and there was a point he seemed to really be improving, but he took an unexpected turn on Saturday. He held on as long as he could–he was such a fighter–but it wasn’t meant to be.


Runny always liked to do his own thing and wasn’t much interested in bonding with people when we first got him. He tolerated them, but he dug his wheel (hence the name). We wanted him to be happy, so we didn’t push him into anything he didn’t want to do. After his cagemate died, we knew he’d require extra attention so he wouldn’t get lonely and depressed (the introduction of two new degu friends did not go over), so I started the process of taming him by sticking my hand in his cage and resting it in his hammock. He’d edge over, decide it not dangerous, and lay on it. Two years and a lot of work later, he loved being scratched, pet, held, combed and cuddled and would show his appreciation for us by grooming our fingers and warbling. He was such a good little guy. Near the end, he used the little and last of his strength to get from the cage and into our hands, demanding to be held and refusing to budge no matter what. I’m gonna miss him a lot.


So needless to say, I’m hoping for a better week. Here is a Stupid Courtney Quote from the last one: “I had no idea Rice Krispie Squares were so easy to make!” But you know what happens when you go your whole life thinking Rice Krispie Squares are difficult? You don’t make them. And then you don’t eat the pan.

In other news, I’m looking forward to WordPress 2.7, even though upgrading is a pita (a relatively painless one, but a pita nonetheless) and C.K. Kelly Martin had some very lovely things to say about Cracked Up to Be. I’m super humbled by them because she is such, such, such an incredible writer. Wow. It’s really surreal reading what other people have to say about my characters and the plot. For the longest time, Parker was just my character and I was hoping for the opportunity to share her with the world and now that she’s getting out there I am like, okay, be a good guest! Don’t embarrass me and stuff! I do that pretty well on my own!

I’m looking forward to Halloween. Does anyone remember the year they stopped Trick-or-Treating? I can’t remember how old I was, but I remember me and my friends declaring it lame, so I went to the video store to rent some horror movies instead and… caught said friends Trick-or-Treating. That was awesome. Actually, it was kind of a relief not to run around in the cold askin’ for candy. My fav Halloween was when I stayed in and piped Tubular Bells through my open bedroom window. Take that, neighbourhood.

Anyways. I’m taking Monday off. Outside of business stuff and urgent matters, I’ll be replying to emails and doing the blogosphere thing after that. Maybe I’ll make a dent in the ol’ ~*Sparklepants.*~

Or chill.