and the winnah is…

courtneycracked up to be

The last time I announced the galley giveaway winner, I did so with Conky and C.K. Kelly Martin later confided in me that she suspected he had it out for her. So I confronted Conky and he was like, “Courtney, how many years have you known me? Why would you believe something like that about me?” And then he cried and I cried and then I apologized and we sat out on the roof and watched the sun rise together. I just couldn’t stand to believe that about my BFF, you know?

So I’m ashamed to say I brushed C.K. off. Even after I discovered a file folder labelled SCHEME TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWNFALL OF C.K. KELLY MARTIN in his things and he disappeared for a week and then C.K. emailed me and was like, someone cut my brake line and scratched the name CONKY WAS HERE into my car! and then he came back looking really satisfied, I couldn’t accept it. I just went into denial, I guess.


Anyway, it turns out that Conky DOES in fact have it out for C.K. because after I removed him from the galley winner selection process and turned to a random number generator dealy, she won the draw for the advanced, uncorrected, old-covered copy of Cracked Up to Be! Yay! C.K., you have 24 hours to get me your contact info, and please accept my sincerest apologies for having doubted you.

But I’m sort of going to pretend to keep doubting you when I’m with Conky because if he finds out I know the truth he will kill me to death. I hope you understand.

To everyone who entered: THANK YOU. Your emoticons made me lulz and I wish I could’ve given you all a galley for that alone. If you’re still interested in snagging a copy and you’re a member of LibraryThing, check and see if you’re eligible for their Early Reviewers program. They have 40 review copies available and you have until October 26th at 6 pm EST to request one.

Meanwhile, I am still so stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner that it took me like 13 hours to write this much so an actual blog entry is forthcoming (IT WAS SUCH GOOD FOOD, YOU GUYS).