cracked up to be on the new media minute!

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I am a big Daisy Whitney fangirl. Her New Media Minute–featured on her site, ABC News, TVWeek–is fun and fab and I love tuning in. So guess how loudly I squealed when I saw this?

Cracked Up to Be–the trailer and the book–is on the New Media Minute!!!

Check it out right here:

!!! Like, I’d record how loudly I squealed when I saw this and upload it so you could all listen, but then you would all go deaf (I may have deafened my family, who witnessed the moment) and then you would probably have a viable lawsuit against me for that. Especially if I didn’t put up a proper disclaimer, which I wouldn’t because I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Thank you, Daisy!

It has been a good week for me, so far! I also discovered Tim Horton’s Smoothies and they are amazing. I mean, they’re not new on the menu or anything, but I had never ordered one before because I am all about Double Doubles and Ice Caps. Anyway, I am happy to report that I have a new Drink. Butter Caramel, oh yeah. And then tonight I am going to try the pumpkin smoothie! And then maybe in two days, I will have the MINT. My life is a thrill-a-minute, I’m telling you.

Thank God for news in the form of the New Media Minute, because I am so hard up for things to write about these days, I honestly could’ve dragged out an entire blog entry about a smoothie.

Maybe I still will, though. They’re pretty damn good.