trailers and zombies, oh my

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The Cracked Up to Be trailer is making some serious rounds on the internet. You can find it on Readers Entertainment TV, MySpace, Daily Motion, Digg, and Veoh, to name a few. Really, that’s only a small sampling of the places it can be found. Seriously, if my book trailer was The Blob it might have eaten the internet by now.

And I can take absolutely zero credit for this. The wonderful Daisy Whitney introduced me to the equally wonderful Sheila Clover English of Readers Entertainment TV/Circle of Seven Productions, who did some mad distributing on my behalf.

For those of you who don’t know, book trailers began with COS (and this book trailer junkie BOWS DOWN to them–God, I love book trailers). So it was pretty cool being in contact with them for that alone aka cue fangirl. Within a day of sending Sheila the wmv file, my trailer was live everywhere. Like, my google alerts went absolutely crazy over it, which was pretty exciting. I would’ve had to clear a week off my calendar to get it in half the places they did. I get incredibly overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I have to be honest–it can be a lot daunting out here as a new author trying to do as much of the self-promo thing as can be done from my own laptop and in 24 hours, these guys made it a whole lot easier for me. I’m in total awe of and very grateful for the support they offer the writing community and the incredible work they do.

AND it’s not just that they helped me get my trailer out there–it’s that they really love and believe in books and that they’re committed to connecting them with as many readers as possible. That’s a wonderful thing. If you’re in a position where you need to get your work out there like this, don’t look any further than Circle of Seven/Readers Entertainment TV. Thank you, Sheila!

I am going to have to write an entry about my experiences in social networking at some point, but I am always hesitant to pretend I know something about anything.

Except maybe zombies.

Things about zombies that I know:

They eat brains.
They eat YOUR brains.
They are flammable.
But not as flammable as Edward Cullen.
Who is extremely flammable, as it turns out.
They are slow moving, except when they run.
In which case we are all screwed.
They don’t live in trees.
Certain zombie animals probably do, though.
Like zombie birds.
Occasionally, zombies show glimmers of intelligence.
But you are supposed to shoot them before they get to that point.
You can’t have sex with a zombie.
And I don’t know why you would want to.
But apparently some people do.
I learned that from Showcase after 2 am.
Showcase is very educational after 2 am.