i heart laptops

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The best thing about having a laptop is I can do a bunch of things as soon as I wake up, before I have coffee even–WITHOUT LEAVING MY BED. I remember when I had a desktop. Couldn’t do that. Had to get up. Whatevers to that! Laptops are the future, people, mark my words.

So today, when I was google-stalking myself (FROM BED), I came across a really nice review for Cracked Up to Be from Ingram Library Services’ K-12 MediaShelf and it made my whole day. Which means my whole day was made BEFORE I EVEN GOT OUT OF BED. Seriously! Invest in laptops! I’m telling you, they’re going to be big.

Anyway, here is a snippet from the review:

“The strength of Summers’ novel is that the narrative is told from Parker’s point of view […] making her a very sympathetic character despite her misanthropic actions. Parker’s angst is well justified as the plot and back story unfold, giving the novel a highly compelling quality; teens will be hard put to put this one down before the denouement.”

You can read the whole thing here. The closer Cracked Up to Be’s release date gets, the more nervewracked I get. Early response has been heartening and thrilling and seeing that was definitely both. To sum up the experience in three words: oh em gee!!!

Then I got to have a Moment with My Mom, in which I showed it to her. It went EXACTLY like this:

me: hey, Mom! check this out.
mom: [reads] mom: that is a really nice summary of your book.
me: O_O
mom: o_o
me: it’s a review!!!!
mom: OH! is it?
me: yes! and it’s a good review!
mom: I need to stop skimming the things you show me! *chuckles*
me: O_O
me: did you skim my book.
mom: O_O

And then she actually read it and it was grand. Did I mention that I am going to Twilight with both my mom and my sister (my brother-in-law BACKED OUT because he just can’t handle the ~*sparkles*~). They act like I am not doing them a favour whenever I am like EEEEE WE ARE GOING TO TWILIGHT TOGETHER JUST LIKE THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD WOULD DO at them which is every five minutes. I mean, seconds. I am seriously contemplating buying a cellphone just so I can tweet the experience from the theatre.

That is a BAD reason to want to buy a cellphone.

And besides, I’m sure when I get to the theatre and ~*RPATTZ*~ comes on and ~*sparkles*~ for the first time onscreen I will just like BLACK OUT in my seat because it will be so magnificent. And you can’t really tweet when you are unconscious, I guess.

So no cell phone for me.


And now back to revising!