interviews and guestblogs, oh my!

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You guys, I’m a part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour 2008! The Blog Blast Tours were created by Colleen Mondor (of the amazing Chasing Ray) in 2007 and feature author interviews at various blogs throughout the week. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Little Willow of Bildungsroman. You can read what we had to talk about here.

BUT! Before you do! I just have to say this is a really cool moment for me because waaay before I got an agent or ever had a book coming out, I lurked at Bildungsroman ALL the time. I still do (minus the lurking). It’s right at the heart of the Children’s/YA Lit scene and was and continues to be such a huge resource for me as both a writer and a reader (if you write or read YA, you need to visit Little Willow’s site regularly, seriously). Little Willow gives 1000% to the community and sending her Cracked Up to Be was a very humbling moment for me. ALSO! She pointed me in the direction of one of the most awesome zombie novels EVAR and when you can point a huge critical zombie fan to a non-disappointing zombie work of fiction, that is practically the equivalent of saving their lives. From a zombie.

So you see my debts to Little Willow are great.

And my latest guestblog is up at The Swivet and it’s about writing YA. You can read that here. Check out the first comment! My knight in a blue shirt totally commented! Or at least I choose to believe he did. I am kind of thinking it might not actually be him because, you know. He didn’t ask for my phone number.

Anyway, this feels like a lot of Courtney on one Internet, so I will try not to push it with this blog entry and go back to revising with my one good eye. Happy Monday, peoples!