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I can’t wait to get back to regular blogging. You know, where I update twice a week instead of maybe once!

So revision is basically my life right now. I eat, sleep and breathe REVISION. Seriously. I eat next to my laptop, which is probably going to end horribly one of these days, and also I fell asleep in the middle of revising once and since I am breathing all the time I am revising, there you have it.

I got the editorial letter for Some Girls Are on October 28th and have been working pretty steadily on the book ever since. At first, my page count jumped from 254 to something like 277 and now it currently rests at 266. That’s probably a good thing, since we all know as far as revision is concerned it is not what’s ON the pages that counts, it’s how many of them there are or aren’t!

… Right?

I made a revision playlist on iTunes to revise to, even. I named it HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY and it is only allowed to have UPBEAT and ENLIGHTENING music on it. It consists of a mere 59 songs because my library of 5,956 songs is overwhelmingly emo, apparently.

Anyway, my HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY playlist has helped me keep the momentum going tremendously. You can totally bet Britney Spears’s Womanizer is on it because it makes me want to LIVE! TO REVISE!

(Also Kenny Loggins’s Footloose is totally on that playlist too.)

When I revise, my taskbar has this running across it: iTunes, three Word documents, one notepad file and Firefox. The first Word document is my editorial letter. I have highlighted the most important parts of it in yellow and striked through the edits I have completed as I complete them (I feel very accomplished when I do that, let me tell you). I am on page 8/12 of the letter and have more than half of the manuscript left to revise.

The second Word document is the manuscript itself, the one I’m overhauling. The third document is the manuscript again, untouched, so I can refer to it when I’m reading the editorial letter, since the overhauled manuscript has a different page count and new material and stuff. The notepad file not only includes revision notes and cut sentences I’m not ready to let go of and emails I have to reply to, but it’s also where I’m drafting this blog entry. And Firefox… well. I have 25 tabs running in it at the moment and none of them have to do with revising, but if you could give me a minute, I am sure I could spin it to make it sound like they did!

And now you know.

I gotta say, I think I love revising. All the possibility in revision is a really exciting thing and I am edging up on a scene I can’t wait to tackle. It’s gonna be so hawt, you guys. Hawt like Kevin Bacon dancing in the movie Footloose.

While I was looking around YouTube for the right Footloose video to post, I came across this comment by someone named afoltz1013 which is full of lulz and so I must repost it here: “anytime i am faced with a crisis in my life i go dance in an abandoned warehouse while smoking and drinking. it just helps no matter what.”


As soon as I am done writing this blog entry, I have to wash dishes and take a shower. And then I will proceed to revise some more! Tomorrow I think I might dye my hair red. While I do the revision thang. Have I said the word ‘revision’ enough times in this entry yet? Revision, revision, revision!