cracked up to be is out today AND tomorrow!

courtneycracked up to be, omg

If online bookstores can usurp Cracked Up to Be’s release date by shipping the book early, I have decided I can too! And make my celebratory blog post now! It’s a dangerous precedent I set, I know, but I really want people to start referring to me as the James Dean of YA Lit because I’m such a rebel. Flouting release dates! Dating unsavoury types! Flippin’ off the paps!

Anyway, you guys, my book is unofficially out right this VERY SECOND and tomorrow it will be OFFICIALLY out and oh em gee! I have been unable to focus on anything as a result. It’s pretty awesome. What am I writing about again? I can’t remember.

I’m really excited, basically. I know it’s cliche and repetitive for me to say I don’t totally believe it’s happened yet, but dangnabit, I don’t. I have exactly three copies of the book resting on the table in front of me and I’m like, srsly? And then everyone’s like, GET THOSE OFF THE TABLE and I am like NO DON’T TOUCH THEM THEY WILL DISAPPEAR THEY ARE TIME LORDS TIME LORDS DO THAT YOU KNOW. DISAPPEAR. JUST AFTER YOU’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH ONE AND ARE SURE YOU’LL BE SPENDING THE REST OF YOUR DAYS WITH THEM IN THE TARDIS, THEY LEAVE OR KICK YOU OUT OF IT.


So in celebration of my book’s Unofficial AND Official release, if you comment on this entry, you’ll be put into a draw to have a copy of the finished book shipped to you from Amazon. I anticipate everyone being really busy for the holidays so I’ll probably comment in that case, because I don’t think having 31 copies of my own book is enough.

Preparing Cracked Up to Be for publication was a bigger adventure than I could have anticipated or hoped for.

Thank you for that.

EDIT: Just realized I didn’t put an end date on the contest because I am awesome like that… you gots until December 24th, 5 PM EST time, bbs! I will contact the winner sometime after that. Holiday madness. Thank you everyone for your comments and congrats! I ain’t gonna lie. You made me cry. <3