danke, danke, danke

You guys are the best, for serious. You turned Cracked Up to Be’s release date into a big, awesome, ~*sparkly*~ party on my blog and I can’t thank you enough for that. And I feel totally sorry for everyone who didn’t participate in it because they totally missed this:


REMEMBER THAT? WASN’T IT GREAT? Man, I’m glad someone got a picture because I don’t think we’ll see the likes of that on the internet again.

Anyway, I have a rule about replying to comments on entries that have some sort of contest going on (idk), but I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t take a minute to tell you guys how much you taking the time to !!! meant to me. It means more to me than Bella means to Edward, minus the sleepstalking (MAYBE), so thank you, even though that really doesn’t seem like a big enough word to cover it. You guys really rock.

And you made me cry.

I spent my release day at the mall. Yeah. Two days before Christmas. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I got FOUR SEASONS OF REBA out of it, so that’s okay. God, I love that show. Don’t you dare judge my taste in wholesome sitcoms. Reba haters to the left, you ain’t no friends of mine.

So now time for the draw! I plugged all of your names into a random generator and according to it, the person who gets a shiny new copy of Cracked Up to Be mailed to them is… ANNIKA! Yay, Annika! And then, I decided that maybe I would give away two because you know. It’s that giving time of year (or so I hear). So the SECOND person who is getting a shiny new copy of Cracked Up to Be mailed to them is… BRIONY! Yay, Briony! Thanks to everyone for participating. I’m sure it’s not the last draw I’ll have because I’m pretty slap-happy that way.

Cracked Up to Be had another crazy busy week while I was fending off pre-Christmas shoppers and getting four seasons of Reba. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Yan over at Books By Their Cover. You can read the interview here. It was a lot of fun! Yan also gave Cracked Up to Be a really positive review, which you can read here. Thank you, Yan!

Two parts of my interview with Innovative, are up. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here. Keep your eye out for part three. Thank you so much for having me, Gabrielle! And bookmark Innovative if you haven’t, people. It is a terrific resource for readers and writers interested in YA novels.

More reviews (all spoiler-free) in chronoligical order (!):

“Do not let this fun, lovely cover fool you into thinking this is just another light young adult book – this book is far from happy, but it is completely enthralling” – The Book Zombie

“Courtney Summers has written an important, emotional, powerful book that you won’t want to put down.” – The Reading Zone

“It’s more than just your typical “edgy” YA fiction, and it’s more than just a mystery…” – Librarina

“Courtney Summers’ debut novel is not to be missed.” – Little Willow at SparkLife

“This book was ZOMG AMAZING […] I wanted to know what the Horrible Thing That Happened was so bad that I couldn’t put the book down…” – The Frenetic Reader

“I absolutely adored Cracked Up to Be. This book easily made it into my Top 10 favorite books ever. ” – Book-luver Carol

“Cracked Up to Be is a book so honest its hurts. That is a primary reason I recommend this book for anyone writing for the young adult market.” – Anthony Pacheco

“Courtney Summers doles out the secrets in small portions, teasing the reader, and when the events of the party are finally revealed with nothing held back, the tension is palpable. And no matter how many hints Ms. Summers drops, you’ll never be able to guess Parker’s terrible secret. This debut author is just that good.” – TeensReadToo (5 stars)

Thank you, bloggers, for taking the time to read and review!

In conclusion, it was a pretty memorable and fantastic release week and as you can plainly see, I was the LAST one responsible for it. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GUYS.

You all make me feel like this:


Lulz, sorry. Couldn’t resist.