let it snow

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. In case the lack of my DEADLINE = PWNED post didn’t tip you off, I did not actually pwn my deadline and now I have a whole new deadline to pwn! Since my last post, news has quietly and softly been accumulating, much like the snow outside my window. Here goes:

My latest guestblog is up at The Swivet. It is about how writers smell.

I linked to this on the main page, but we all know it’s not official until it’s in a blog entry on my site (new rule!). Little Willow reviewed Cracked Up to Be and she had such extraordinarily kind things to say about it every time I read it to someone who hasn’t heard it (yes, I am one of those) my voice gets more high-pitched (but way less agonized) sounding than it did the time my sister blinded me.

RomanticTimes reviewed Cracked Up to Be and gave it 4 stars! The review isn’t online right now (the star rating is), but thanks to the lovely Carolyn Jewel, I can tell you they said: “Summers is one to watch. With a breezy writing style reminiscent of Sarah Dessen and multidimensional characters, she makes a mean girl almost lovable […] this a great read, very well done.” I am still in a bit of shock–the very good kind of shock, of course–about this.

MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS to C.K. Kelly Martin, whose fantastic, fantastic, wonderful, FANTASTIC book, I Know It’s Over, is featured in Kirkus Reviews’ Best YA Books of 2008. It is so awesome to see this novel getting the props it deserves. If I never do a round-up of the best books I have read in 2008 or of my favourite books of all time, just know that I Know It’s Over would be on both lists like thirteen times. Seriously. Yay, C.K.!

A finished copy of Cracked Up to Be is headed my way as I type this. I am so excited to see it, I could EXPLODE

Crazy talented wish-I-could-be-as-organized-as-her Daisy Whitney gifted me with copies of Eclipse and New Moon (thank you, Daisy!), which means my twitter will NEVER BE THE SAME. Just a warning to y’all. My previous Twilight Tweetcapade resulted in the loss of one follower, I was so. Uhm. Enthusiastic. My verdict so far: Jacob is lame, and Bella is this:


Except it’s more like, CATATONICALLY emo. Goodness.

Speaking of vampires, WATCH THIS SKIT ABOUT THEM BY TEAM TIGER AWESOME. It is hilarious (but also language warning–NSFW):

Lulz. God, I love Team Tiger Awesome. I want to date them all, but Jeff Probst would probably be super jealous. Not to mention my husband ~*RPATTZ*~.

Okay. As always, thanks for being patient with my sporadic internetting. You guys bring the ~*~ to the ~*sparkles*~ in my life.