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Hi, guys!


That gif has nothing to do with anything. I’ve just been waiting forever to use it since I ganked it from a comment thread on ohnotheydidnt. Incidentally, that is the part of the movie I laughed REALLY LOUDLY at in the theatre that no one else did. I still don’t understand what’s not funny about Bella falling down. That’s all she does. That’s why we love her.


I hope this entry marks my return to regular blogging! I sent off the revised draft of Some Girls Are to my editor and agent on Tuesday and then I crashed, hardcore. AND THEN I HAD A DISNEY MOVIE MARATHON (okay, I watched A Goofy Movie and Beauty & The Beast, but at my age that is a marathon). Now I’m struggling to get caught up on everything and everyone.

BEHOLD MY EFFORTS TO GET CAUGHT UP ON EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE: I went into Google Labs and enabled the different looking stars function in my inbox and now all the emails I still have to reply to look like this:

Isn’t that alarming? I know. Every time I open my inbox, I have little heart attacks. Why are those emails exclaiming at me?!

And then I remember.

So I gots updates since I last blogged, which I’m pretty happy about otherwise I’d feel sort of stupid. First: Mur Lafferty interviewed me for her insanely awesome you-should-be-listening-to-it-regularly-if-you-aren’t-already podcast, I Should Be Writing. Have you ever wanted to hear me talk? Like, out loud? Because if you have, then THAT is the podcast for you.

Mur and I discussed everything from Cracked Up to Be, mean girls, my next books, the writing process and zombies. I’m a big fan of I Should Be Writing, and I was more than a little nervous about being on the show (the phone scares me!), but Mur made it an AWESOME experience and I’m grateful to her for having me. Thank you, Mur!

Second: the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto, which I attended January 31st, was SUPER FUN! It was my first conference ever, so I must tell you about it. My Canadian publicist, Vimala, set it all up for me to sign at the H.B. Fenn booth at 12:00 and I was crazy nervous.

Now, I never told anyone this, but since we’re BFFs, I’ll tell you: for some reason it never fully registered with me that it would be an actual SIGNING. Like, I envisioned myself scribbling in a pile of books in the corner of the Fenn booth and then, I don’t know. Standing aroound trying to look cool while discussing the economy with people. Imagine my surprise when we got there and I saw this:



I was like–oh my God, it’s THAT kind of signing. With a table and a pen and post-its and a bottle of water and everything! I arrived at 12:00 on the nose and there was already a modest line of librarians waiting for their copies of my book to be signed and I really couldn’t believe it. I was so scared I wrote my name at the speed of light. Everyone was very nice. I like librarians. Actually, I LOVE librarians. They are kind, encouraging and passionate and they never said a word about the petrified look on my face while I signed.

Here is photographic evidence of my signing:


I was having a bad hair day, okay. My roots are growing in. Also I looked petrified. So that was fun, and lasted about an hour, and then Vimala and I traipsed around Toronto. And by traipsed, I mean we drove from bookstore to bookstore and I signed stock and that took a couple hours and was also fun. I’m such a small town girl, though. While we were walking along the sidewalk I saw pigeons and I was like O_O and I couldn’t stop O_O at the pigeons and then I got BODY SLAMMED by someone because I wasn’t looking where I was going and then I was like, “I WAS LOOKING AT THE PIGEONS!”

It was pretty embarrassing.

Pigeongate aside, I had a great time and I’d be remiss not to give some shout-outs: thank you, Vimala, for not losing me in Toronto and being really awesome, thank you Rosalyn, for keeping things moving at the signing and making it a joy (and for picking Cracked Up to Be as a Dewey Diva winter pick!). Also, a big thank you to the ladies at The Flying Dragon, who welcomed me into their bookstore with open arms. Talking books with them was the highlight of my day. If you are in the Toronto area, be sure to stop by and check out their books. Wonderful people, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful cookies and tea!

So yes. That is pretty much all that is new with me. TWO THINGS!

Anyway, look for my next blog entry coming soon! And then the next one coming soon after that! Like I said, this will mark the return to regular blogging! IT IS SO EXCITING I CAN’T STAND.