the revision process

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And so it begins again.

That’s right: revisions! I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be the round that brings Some Girls together. THIS is IT. And I have to say my editor’s notes could pass as frameable art, guys. In a museum. I really love the way she thinks. She is genius at what she does and I adore working with her.

Least of all because she sees through me in the BEST ways.

Like, when I told her any repetition she happens to see in my novel is my attempt at being Post-Modernist she called me out on it, which is good because if I could use Post-Modernism as an excuse for being lazy… I would. I’m not proud to admit it, but I would.

So it is good to have an editor who won’t let you be lazy and makes you work hard. She is a total rockstar and I’m excited to work the hell out of this manuscript. I will reward myself with bon-bons when I am done, although I am not sure if bon-bons taste so good after hard work because they are truly edibles for lazy people. For example, I could eat them right now at this very second and they’d taste GREAT, but eating them post-revising this manuscript? They would be tainted with the knowledge that I sweat for them.

Clearly I will have to buy myself THINGS as a reward when I am done instead.

Aaaah, material goods. They feel so good when I buy them.

I was going to talk more about the revision process, like a rare blog entry about the actual process of writing as seen through my eyes, but maybe I should save that for when I am done revising, if at all. I have the hardest time writing about the writing process. I adore my writer friends who so thoughtfully analyze their process and make me FEEL like more of a a writer by sheer virtue of a PEEK at what goes into the words on their pages. I could seriously read those types of blog entries forever, but unfortunately every time I sit down and try to it just devolves into a rants about stuff like how the cast of Twilight looks FAR TOO SMUG FOR MY TASTES THESE DAYS.

So it’s probably good that I don’t.

Anyway, I will try to be better about simultaneously blogging and revising, but I can make no guarantees. Unless it’s about Toto’s awesomeness. I can certainly guarantee you THAT.

In the mean time, watch this. It will put a smile on your face and make you cry if you are a crier, which I am, so it did (via Brilliant Briony).