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Wow! I know, I know. What else can I say. 5:30 am Monday morning, I sent off the latest (final? Fingers crossed!) round of revisions for Some Girls Are to my incredible editor and now I wait. It was a good round–my most favourite yet–but I am not even going to attempt a blog entry about the revision process until she tells me, “This Book is Revised.”

(Oh my God, I just imagined her saying that to me and got a little chill.)

While I revised, I turned another year older. That was gross and I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t wait until my anti-aging birthday killing invention is complete. In the mean time, I just stay out of the sun. Also, while I revised, an Exciting Thing happened but I cannot say what it is just yet.

I really HATE when people do stuff like that, so I generally try not to until I can just blurt the exciting thing out, but I can’t resist just this once. Feel free to slap me. It’s okay.

Speaking of Some Girls Are (uhm, x paragraphs ago), it now has its own page on this here website, which has undergone a bit of tweaking today! Check out the new novels page to get there, where you can read a teaser from SGA (check out my fierce bolding move). The photograph is a placeholder until I get the actual cover, which may or may not be something I dream about every single day.

The Cracked Up to Be page has also been updated to add more review and interview links. If you reviewed Cracked Up to Be for your blog and would like to see it on the list, let me know! I certainly don’t mean to leave anyone out, I am just woefully not as on top of things as I’d like to be, as evidenced by MY INCONSISTENT BLOG UPDATES. Seriously, do you guys forgive me? I’m totally back now, mostly, I swear.

And speaking of Cracked Up to Be, look at this insanely awesome vlog Steph (aka Reviewer X) did! My book makes a guest-appearance at the beginning and the end. It lives a story!


As is Steph’s way, her latest contribution to the internet leaves you learning a little bit more about yourself. Truly, what does it say about me that I watched my book get macked on by a stuffed turkey and lulzed and lulzed and lulzed. And lulzed. My book clearly needs help and I’m just like, lulz. And she didn’t script that! I was so impressed because I have to script every single moment in my life just to ensure I don’t walk into a wall and even then I usually do it anyway.

Finally, it has been brought to my attention that I take a long time to approve of comments. I know. People who have been reading for a while probably know the wait they’re getting into when they comment on my site, but I feel like it’s a good time to clarify my blog commenting “policy”:

I like to approve comments only when I can sit down and take the time to reply to them (I reply to every blog comment I get). Maybe it’s weird, but I HATE the idea of unreplied to comments languishing in my blog and so I don’t approve them until I can guarantee they don’t. At certain points–like during revisions, say–I have less time than others to do that. Sorry for the delay this time around, peoples, and rest assured, every comment made on this blog is approved.

And thank you, as always, for being fabulous patient ~*stars*~.