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I have the best blog readers ever! Not too long ago, reader Melissa sent me a link to a Slate article about Lady Gaga. It’s called How Smart is Lady Gaga? and it’s a great read because it articulates why Lady Gaga is a genius better than I ever could. I agree with a lot of it, except for the part where I don’t think Lady Gaga is pretentious–yes, I know, but I really don’t!–and the part where she is called an exquisite horror. The term is not “exquisite horror,” okay, it is “HBIC*.”

But on the whole it is a pretty excellent article and you should give it a read.

It will also give you insight into my psyche. Jk, jk.

And then, continuing the trend of having the best blog readers ever, start_a_riot_xx directed my attention to this amazingness:

Yes. That’s right. LADY GAGA SUNGLASSES.


I feel these are a great alternative to Ray-Ban Wayfarers, especially in terms of price. I get all the benefits of a fierce pair of sunglasses (LOOK at those sexy things!), but these ones totally won’t bust my pocketbook and if I ever lose them or break them it will be an infinitely less tragic situation because they weren’t a million dollars and I can proceed to replace them without busting my pocketbook TWICE.


Now. Some of you may question the awesomeness that is wearing a pair of sunglasses with Lady Gaga’s name on them (I don’t know why), but as a person who has always struggled with the concept of brand names, I can tell you it is nice to be able–and makes much more SENSE–to wear the name of someone whose work I ADMIRE and RESPECT over my eyes.

Back in my day, like in seventh grade, my friends loved wearing clothes that said TOMMY HILFIGER all over them and I could never quite understand why. Like, at first I wondered if they had all changed their names to Tommy until someone explained to me the concept of brand names and then I was even more puzzled. Because what had Tommy Hilfiger done for them? He wasn’t inspiring them with amazing music and music videos and quotes like this. If he had, I would’ve understood wearing his name all over their pants and shirts. But he didn’t.

So wtf, seventh grade friends. wtf.

(shakes head sadly)

Okay, that’s enough about sunglasses or whatever I was just talking about. Last week, I got copyedits for Some Girls Are! Exciting! They have been my main priority, so I am a bit behind in emails and such. If you are waiting to hear from me, I apologize for the delay and will be working to catch up very soon.

I also recently saw a cover for Some Girls Are! It will not be the final cover, but seeing it was a very calming experience because my anticipation levels regarding my impending cover were through the roof. St. Martin’s is working hard to best represent character and story and I’m super excited to see what they come up with. When the Griffin catalogue comes out, it will feature another non-final cover as well, so by the time I see my final cover, I will have seen THREE covers for this book!

That makes me happy.

Finally, DO YOU LIKE BOOKS? There are a bunch of book-related contests going on RIGHT NOW that I think you would be interested in if you do:

Anna Jarzab is holding an ARC giveaway of her upcoming debut, All Unquiet Things (I’m very excited about this one–and speaking of covers, check out hers because it’s one of my favourites). Go here and see how you can enter to win. Anna has also posted an excerpt of the book here–check it out! Or, if you’re like me, check it out multiple times and then shake your fist at the calendar for not being January 2010 yet. Contest ends July 2nd. So hurry up and get in on it now!

C.K. Kelly Martin, whose sophomore novel, One Lonely Degree is one of the best books I have read all year, is holding a contest. Winner gets a signed copy of the book, plus a ton of related schwag. Let me tell you, it is taking everything for me not to enter just on the slim possibility that I win and deprive someone else the awesomeness of that book (because the schwag is AWESOME). Details on how to enter are here and the draw date is July 14th.

Literary assistant Suzie, who is basically made of awesome, is giving away a signed ARC of Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush. This book is getting major buzz and it’s not coming out until October. Waiting is hard! Avoid it if you can and find out what you need to do for a chance to win the book here. You have until July 10th.

And speaking of contests, I got an early read on a novel that is coming out in September and I am SO excited about it, I want to ensure one of you people have this book delivered on your doorstep on its release date. Like, it’s AMAZING. Pure enjoyment start-to-finish amazing. I’ll be holding a contest to win a pre-ordered copy, so keep your eyes peeled!

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